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What you can do about racism

By Jenny Sawyer with Christian Kongolo

As a Black man living in Oslo, Norway, Christian Kongolo has frequently dealt with being “different.” But it wasn’t until recently, he admitted, that he began to see the importance of addressing issues like racism in a way that brings broader and more lasting change. He talked with the Sentinel’s Jenny Sawyer about how he’s been thinking, praying, and talking with the people in his life about racism.

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Feeling invisible?

By Grace Kingsbery

My family moved a lot. Between kindergarten and the end of high school, I ended up going to eight different schools. Most of the time I attended small international schools. However, when my family moved again before my junior year of high school, I transitioned to a huge school with nearly four thousand students. 

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TeenConnect: That's Classic

That's Classic

How I got rid of a grudge

By Jake Erickson

After being unkind to each other in person and on social media, these two friends thought their friendship was over. But one of them wasn’t content to hold on to a grudge, and—even though it was hard—started trying to live by Jesus’ words and forgive his friend.


The right ideas when you need them

By Leyla Ghanem

When it comes to homework assignments and projects, is it possible that you could have the ideas you need—even before you start the assignment? One author shares her experience tuning into—and being led by—divine inspiration.


Turning Point

The perfect relationship?

By Cindy Martin

She was deeply in love with her boyfriend, and even after some bumps, she thought they were on solid ground. But as she trusted the relationship to God and prayed for direction, she heard some unexpected guidance that had life-changing effects.

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Your healings

Can I really expect a healing?

By Jacob Ellis

After he injured his thumb during a soccer match, this teen initially wondered if he had enough faith to be healed. But gradually, as he prayed, his faith grew—and healing came.

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Say no to self harm

By Deborah Huebsch

For this author, desire for release from the emotional pain she was feeling turned into a pattern of self-destructive behavior. What broke the cycle? It all started with an idea from Science and Health.

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Daily Lift

Do I really want to be sinless?

Tony Lobl, CS, from London, England

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