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Your Healings

How do you think about your rivals?

By Soliana Doutrich

We were a week out from a soccer tournament against our biggest rivals when the trash-talking started. My teammates kept going on about how much we hated our rival team and the awful things they’d done. We’d definitely had some negative encounters with this team during past games, but to be honest, it seemed like my teammates were mostly using the trash talk to hype all of us up before the big match.

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How I stopped fighting with my sister

By Marilyn Wickstrom

My sister and I did not get along. She was messy while I was neat. We didn’t share the same interests and couldn’t relate to each other. It seemed like all we did was argue and fight. 

One day, when I went to get a skirt I wanted to wear, I found it in a crumpled heap on the floor of my closet. My sister had dumped it there after wearing it. She hadn’t even asked me if she could wear it, and then when she’d finally returned it, she hadn’t even bothered to hang it up. For me, the neatnik, this was beyond insulting.

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That's Classic

How can I pray for people in desperate straits?

By Meghan Moss Jones

If you see people who are homeless, addicted to drugs, or otherwise struggling, what can you do? This author shares how praying through her own perception of others has made a difference.


Learning to lean on God

By Corrina Kitchen

During an outdoor adventure trip, this teen hurt her ankle and struggled with feeling like a burden to the group. Things changed when she realized she wasn't really leaning on herself or her friends but on God.


Your healings

Healing on—and off—the court

By Dylan Ouderkirk

It was the beginning of the tennis season when this athlete fell during practice and injured her wrist. She couldn’t seem to shake the worry that she’d be off the court for a while, but then she realized she had another option: She could pray.

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Your healings

A healing during lockdown

By Drew Bosman

With a stay-at-home order in place for his city, this teen was doing what he could to have fun and stay active. But when he got injured playing basketball, it seemed too unfair. Now how was he going to pass the time during lockdown? Prayer helped him turn his mind-set—and the injury—around.

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My Church

A foundation for my whole life

By Judy Olson

For this author, Christian Science Sunday School attendance wasn’t a maybe; it was an every week commitment. So what, wondered a friend, did she get out of all that “rigid” Sunday School-going? Read on for her answer.

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Daily Lift

I faced down vulnerability

Randal Craft, CS, from San Diego, California, USA

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