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My Church

A foundation for my whole life

For this author, Christian Science Sunday School attendance wasn’t a maybe; it was an every week commitment. So what, wondered a friend, did she get out of all that “rigid” Sunday School-going? Read on for her answer.

An open invitation

When attending church started to feel like a big inconvenience, this author “put it all out there” in his prayers and asked God why he needed to go to church anyway. The answer he got gave him a very different perspective on that Sunday morning commitment.

Why I love Sunday School

A Christian Science Sunday School student shares some highlights from what she’s learned in Sunday School, and the way this “practical truth” has helped and healed her many, many times.

Church—don’t miss out

Think you’re not missing anything by not going to church? Think again.

The best advertising

What makes a Christian Science church service totally unique? It’s not the fellowship, or the comfort, or the music, as great as those are. It’s the promise of healing. It’s the fact that healing happens in church when our hearts are moved by Christ. Guaranteed.