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Feeling stressed?

At exam time, stress can feel like a normal part of student life. This article explores why it doesn’t have to be and offers a spiritual approach for dealing with stress and pressure.

What you’ve taught me

Your contributions to TeenConnect are important! Here’s what they’ve meant to TeenConnect’s editor, and the impact she feels they’re having on the world.

When life seems hard

What can we do when life seems hard? This author found that gratitude opened her eyes to a very different perspective.

“Dinner” with the enemy

After being treated badly, this author had no problem seeing the perpetrator as an awful person. But when they were put together on a group project, she knew that view needed to change.

Different is good

In college, this author was called “different” when she chose not to drink. But “different,” she discovered, wasn’t a bad thing.

The acceptance letter

Is your ability to give your gifts tied up in the circumstances of your life? According to the college admissions process, yes. But according to Christian Science, no way!

Stay connected

Social media has its upsides, but it can also provoke envy and self criticism. One author shares how she responds to the impulse to stay connected, and how that has transformed her approach to Facebook and Instagram.

Feeling conflicted?

If you’re struggling with a moral dilemma or trying to make a tough decision, how do you know which answer is the right one? This author shares the qualities of thought—like humility and willingness—that have helped speed her in the right direction.

Want to make a difference? Try this!

This author wanted to help the causes she cared about. Should she volunteer? Join a club? Yes, she could. But she discovered something she could do every day, and which had powerful effects: read the Christian Science Bible Lesson.

Can grief really be healed?

A friend’s tragedy got this author questioning whether grief just fades, or whether it can actually be healed. The Sermon on the Mount had the answer.