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Can Christian Science solve my problems?

Christian Science is so much more than a religion that helps us solve our problems. Its power comes from the fact that it helps us see the universe correctly—and this spiritual vision has huge potential for our lives and for the world.

What matters most

 Facing a problem? Understanding God better is the answer—every time.

You’re included

We’ve all been “inspired” and “uplifted” by reading others’ healings. But have you ever thought of those healings as a promise of your own healing?

Prepared to help

How can we be more prepared as pray-ers when tragic events occur? One young man’s experience, following a terror incident in New York City, offers helpful guidance.


The #metoo hashtag on social media offers women an opportunity to share their stories of sexual harassment and assualt and to find the support of a community that responds with caring and compassion. But is there a #metoo that can have a powerful healing effect on our society, bringing about change and healing for both men and women?

‘An army of pray-ers’

That Sunday, this author didn’t feel like going to church. Too much homework to do before Monday. But her attitude started to change when she realized what her church participation does for the world.

A spiritual solution to procrastination

 Procrastination. Seems like it’s just part of high school, and college, and life, right? But it doesn’t have to be. One author shares some of the ways she’s prayed.

The perfect selfie

A different take on the “perfect selfie” allowed this author to get a more beautiful, God-based view of her identity.

The tie that binds

What is it that allows us to help others and find help ourselves? You might say, “Understanding each other’s pain.” But actually, healing comes when what we share isn’t the belief in the reality of pain, but an understanding of the reality of divine Love.

Your healing matters

Wondering if you should share your testimonies of healing by writing them up and submitting them? Answer: Yes! Your testimony could heal a reader anywhere in the world!