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Feeling conflicted?

If you’re struggling with a moral dilemma or trying to make a tough decision, how do you know which answer is the right one? This author shares the qualities of thought—like humility and willingness—that have helped speed her in the right direction.

Want to make a difference? Try this!

This author wanted to help the causes she cared about. Should she volunteer? Join a club? Yes, she could. But she discovered something she could do every day, and which had powerful effects: read the Christian Science Bible Lesson.

Can grief really be healed?

A friend’s tragedy got this author questioning whether grief just fades, or whether it can actually be healed. The Sermon on the Mount had the answer.

Credit where credit is due

When you achieve something awesome, do you feel like you deserve the credit, or do you give the credit to God? This author struggled with giving God the glory until prayer helped her see her accomplishments in a new light.

How to stop a suicide

A story about how one girl went from feeling suicidal to discovering that her life was essential, and her worth both God-given and God-protected.

When life seems hard

What can we do when life seems hard? This author found that gratitude opened her eyes to a very different perspective.

‘No one understands me’

When a friend felt misunderstood, this author remembered her own experience praying about a similar issue. God’s assurance had been clear and comforting: She knows our heart.

Just ask

Some of us have a lot going for us; some of us don’t. At least, that was what this author thought. Could prayer help her see herself in a new light?

No time to pray?

Bogged down by everything going on in your life, or in the world, and feeling like you have no time to pray about it? Try a new approach: Instead of waiting to pray later, use each moment to exchange suggestions of fear or worry for what God is telling you instead.

When life isn’t easy

When a problem comes along, do you ask what you’re doing wrong or wonder why something bad is happening? This author did until she got a completely new perspective on how to deal with challenges.