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Help stop the spread of fear

If you—or your friends—are feeling afraid about what’s going on in the world, there is something you can do to help. You can actually disengage from fear. This author explains how—and why saying no to fear is so powerful.

Finding light in our darkest moments

As problems piled up around her, this writer felt overwhelmed by darkness and despair. But a simple message turned her toward the light—and solutions.

What am I supposed to think about the bad stuff?

When bad things happen, what are we supposed to think? And how can we reconcile our faith in God as All and all good with the fact that we still see awful stuff in the world around us? “I’ve never found answers by staring at the bad stuff,” says this author. Her answer? Look toward God instead.

How does a Christian Science healing happen?

When we pray for healing, are we changing something? Getting God to intervene in our lives? This author dives into the “how” of healing and looks at what’s really happening.

Stress-free—right now

Whether you’re about to take final exams, or simply facing yet another test during the school year, consider this: You don’t have to wait for the test, or the school year, to be over to find a release from stress.

Yes—you can hear God consistently

One teen wanted to know: How can I hear God more consistently? While there’s no formula, here are a few ideas about praying and hearing God that one author has found helpful.

Use your ‘superpower’

Ever felt an intuitive nudge to do something that seemed to defy logic? That might have been your spiritual sense at work. Read on to find out how you can have more of these spiritual sense moments, and why they matter.

Are you being manipulated?

Social media mavens, advertisers, and even politicians all want one thing: your attention and buy-in. How can we protect ourselves from these subtle and not-so-subtle influences? One basic but powerful spiritual fact offers help and freedom.

Good, bad, or somewhere in between?

When you look at the world around you, it can seem like some people are good, some people are bad, and some are somewhere in between. But as healers, we can take a different view—and bring out the innate spiritual goodness in everyone we meet.

School shootings: What can we do?

Two of the teens in my Christian Science Sunday School class were crying as we talked about the most recent school shooting, at a high school in Florida. Many in my class said they’d prayed when they saw the news alert on their phone, but still felt helpless, discouraged, and sad.