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Fact or Fiction

Impossible to ignore

What’s with all Mary Baker Eddy’s statements about the “nothingness” and “unreality” of evil? Did she mean we should just turn a blind eye to the bad stuff? On the contrary, Mrs. Eddy expected Christian Scientists to be actively praying for our world, and her statements about evil give us the tools to do so.

It is what it is

When you’re faced with a problem, do you “use” Christian Science to address it? This author explains how healing happens more readily when we understand that we aren’t “using” Christian Science to fix something.

I couldn’t deny it

Fiction: “Christian Science just denies bad things are happening. ” Fact: The word denial is one that’s often used in psychology, but it’s used very differently in Christian Science.

No problem?

Does being a Christian Scientist mean living a life exempt from problems? One author explores the fact that addresses this fiction.

Don’t take it personally

Problems always try to masquerade as “ours,” but that’s a fiction. The fact is that each of us is actually a pure and loved idea in Mind, and recognizing this fact allows healing to happen.

Red flag

What can you do if you face strong negative emotions like anger or grief? Follow Jesus’ examples and use them as an aid to help you grow.

Benefit of the doubt

Plagued by doubts after a series of personal tragedies, this writer wondered: “Is this the point where Christian Science fails me?” Instead, she found renewed faith in asking God the tough questions and persisting until she got answers.