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Your Healings

On track with God

Though he was performing well, this runner felt overwhelmed by fear and anxiety prior to his races. In his Christian Science Sunday School class, he found a new, God-centered approach that brought him peace—and success on the track.

After her sailboat capsized, this teenager knew she had to calm the “storm” of fear in her thoughts in order to make it home again.

I didn’t buy that app

Anything that seems bad about us, or wrong with us, is really just a distorted view. That’s what this teenager learned, thanks to a little help from an app on his phone … and a spiritual insight.

Lost and found

Separated from his traveling companions in a foreign country, this author discovered that he wasn’t really alone. God was there, and he could trust God’s direction—completely.

The right ideas when you need them

When it comes to homework assignments and projects, is it possible that you could have the ideas you need—even before you start the assignment? One author shares her experience tuning into—and being led by—divine inspiration.

A new way of helping others

She thought that helping others meant picking up trash or holding the door. But then a new idea dawned on her: Maybe she could help others by praying.

Eight thousand miles from home … but still at home

Faced with a brand new school in a brand new country, this teen wondered if she would ever feel like she was at home, or that she belonged, again. Read about how prayer helped her find comfort—and a conviction that she could be at home wherever she was.

Clear guidance for healing

Hit with an illness during a service trip to Peru, this teen found concrete guidance in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy that sped him along to healing.

A new way of praying—that heals

A healing of a cold turns into a lesson on how to pray effectively.

Healing a broken heart

She felt as though all the love in her life came from one person: her boyfriend. So when he broke up with her, she thought she’d lost something she could never get back. A pivotal conversation in Sunday School changed her mind—and her experience.