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Your Healings

A healing of homesickness

Nervous about feeling homesick during camp, this author decided to tackle the problem through prayer. The result? A powerful message from God that changed his whole summer.

After the break-up

Devastated by a break-up, this author couldn’t seem to shake the feelings of sadness and confusion. But things changed when she realized she didn’t have to hate her ex; she could still love!

Off to practice—trusting God

She’d planned to go to softball practice until pain threatened to get in the way. How could this athlete go forward? By trusting God as her source, step by step.

A God-directed role

Who wouldn’t want the leading role in a play? Not this actor, who felt he wasn’t up to the part. But as he prayed, his feelings about the show changed from being all about fear to being all about love.

A quick healing at camp

When a wasp stung her on the hand, this camp counselor immediately prayed—and was healed!

Safe from harm

At first, this high school student was scared when he found a painful spider bite on his leg. Then he realized he didn’t need to worry or try to get rid of the bite; what needed to be removed was just the mistaken belief that there’s anything harmful in God’s creation.

I didn’t have to miss out

In Costa Rica for a class trip, she suddenly found herself unwell and missing out on activities she’d been looking forward to. Then prayer came to the rescue.

Safe at first base

After a collision during practice, this softball player was told she needed to go to the hospital right away. But she was already praying for herself and a quick healing followed.

Would I ever see my dog again?

When his dog vanished and he couldn’t find her, this teen turned to prayer and heard a surprising message.

A quick healing

Would an accident on the trampoline the night before camp started ruin her summer? No way. This author found immediate help in calling a Christian Science practitioner and knowing that God’s power was present to heal her.