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Your Healings

Getting a stepmother

This teen was blindsided by the announcement that her dad was remarrying. How could she overcome the drama and upset? Christian Science had an answer.

Healing after a skiing accident

After an accident on the ski slopes, this teen turned to a familiar hymn for help and found comfort, calm, and healing.

‘I wasn’t going to make it to the top’

During a strenuous hike with a college group, this author doubted her ability to make it up the mountain. But rather than getting stuck in self-doubt and negativity, she decided to see what would happen if she turned her focus to God.

Getting along—with God’s help

This teen felt out of place and unhappy during a visit with relatives. How could they find common ground and get along? Prayer opened the way.

Being open to change

This high school sophomore was not having fun at boarding school, and she thought it was everyone else’s fault. Then a spiritual insight changed both the way she was thinking about things and her whole boarding school experience.

How I dealt with homesickness

When an opportunity to go to boarding school in America came his way, this teen was excited. But then worry struck: What if he got homesick?

Facing down fear

When things at climbing camp didn’t go as planned, this teen realized that pushing through her fear of heights wasn’t going to work; she needed to pray.

Traveling alone? or with God?

During an international trip, this teen began to panic when she couldn’t remember a critical piece of information that she needed to get to her next destination. What she did remember, however, was to pray.

Safety on the river

After a rafting accident dumped their guide in a churning river, this teen needed to keep her wits about her to help her fellow campers. But staying calm seemed impossible … until she heard a clear message from God.

Which thoughts are you listening to?

This high school sophomore felt ready for his school trip—rafting the rapids in Idaho. Then, just days before his departure, he faced an even bigger challenge: illness, which threatened to keep him from the trip. Read on to find out what brought healing just in time.