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Your Healings

Hearing God clearly

With just hours to go before a performance, this musician discovered she was missing a piece of her instrument. Without it, she couldn’t play. But what could have been a disaster turned into a great opportunity to learn more about listening to God.

‘How could I be angry with him?’

Following an extremely loud concert, a musician prays about possible hearing damage and gets a surprising message: Love more.

Attitude adjustment

Caught in a cycle of self-condemnation every time he made a mistake on the field, this soccer player knew he needed to do something differently. His Sunday School teacher offered a new approach that turned his entire season around.

Deserving of love

Feeling unwanted after her boyfriend broke up with her, this teen realized she had more to learn about love—starting with her relation to divine Love, God.

Prayer on the way to the peak

As he raced up the mountain, this teen was focused on one thing: the peak. But when an accident happened, his focus shifted to God--and healing resulted.

Love others? How hard could that be?

His goal for his summer as a camp counselor seemed simple: to be kind in all his words and actions. But frustrations with his campers forced him to dig deeper to find the real source of his ability to love.

A healing of homesickness

Nervous about feeling homesick during camp, this author decided to tackle the problem through prayer. The result? A powerful message from God that changed his whole summer.

After the break-up

Devastated by a break-up, this author couldn’t seem to shake the feelings of sadness and confusion. But things changed when she realized she didn’t have to hate her ex; she could still love!

Off to practice—trusting God

She’d planned to go to softball practice until pain threatened to get in the way. How could this athlete go forward? By trusting God as her source, step by step.

A God-directed role

Who wouldn’t want the leading role in a play? Not this actor, who felt he wasn’t up to the part. But as he prayed, his feelings about the show changed from being all about fear to being all about love.