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Your Healings

Who’s at the center of your race?

She’d never thought of herself as a runner, but as she prepared first for a 5k and then a half marathon, this author discovered running was about way more than athleticism. It was actually an opportunity to learn more about God, and this understanding not only helped her break through limitations, but it also helped heal her of a pre-race injury.

When my boss asked me to lie

When an expensive item was damaged at the warehouse where this teen worked, her boss asked her to cover for him by writing a dishonest email. What was she supposed to do? Turning to prayer led her to an unexpected solution.

Healed of mono

Away from the familiar support of family and other Christian Scientists, this high school student found new spiritual strength and conviction about God’s healing power when she faced a diagnosed illness and then was healed.

Peak performance

When this avid soccer player faced a scoring drought, she had to pray through some tough questions about where her abilities come from and whether her skill on the field was something she could lose. Her understanding of Christian Science helped her answer those questions—and turn her game around.

How to make a difficult decision

Facing a tough decision? This teen was. When none of his info gathering made the decision any easier, he found that prayer proved to be a better way—bringing him peace and pointing him in the right direction.

Can I really expect a healing?

After he injured his thumb during a soccer match, this teen initially wondered if he had enough faith to be healed. But gradually, as he prayed, his faith grew—and healing came.

How do you think about your rivals?

When a game against her soccer team’s biggest rivals went south, this athlete recognized that thinking negatively about the other players was affecting her team’s ability to play their best. One of Jesus’ parables helped her shift her perspective—and changed the dynamic on the field.

I wasn’t there to help my friend—but God was

Every time I thought about my friend, I would prayerfully reaffirm that God was taking care of her. I prayed to know she was safe.

I felt the fear wash away

After a scary incident with a set of rapids the summer before, this rafting guide felt scared and intimidated when she had to face the same stretch of river again. What washed away the fear? Read on to find out.

Healing on—and off—the court

It was the beginning of the tennis season when this athlete fell during practice and injured her wrist. She couldn’t seem to shake the worry that she’d be off the court for a while, but then she realized she had another option: She could pray.