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I never thought I’d choose to stop drinking

Drinking was a big part of her social life, but when this writer discovered a deeper form of happiness than she’d ever found while drinking, she decided she might even be willing to give up alcohol. But how would her friends react?

Where are you looking for your worth?

This high school senior should have been feeling excited about graduation and her upcoming college experience, but instead she was feeling less-than and unworthy. Getting a spiritual understanding of her God-given value helped her stop the comparisons and find a deeper, more lasting sense of worth.

Competing for a spot? Think again.

When there was no seat available for him to take an important exam, this teen didn’t get upset or give up. Instead, he relied on what he’d learned in the Christian Science Sunday School to pray about the situation—with quick results.

When you have too much to do

After she spent sophomore year feeling overwhelmed, this high school student was ready for a change. Learning more about God as her source helped her think differently about her schoolwork and other demands and propelled her into her junior year feeling calmer and closer to God.

Are you proud of me yet?

In spite of a multitude of accomplishments, this teenager never felt good enough. Instead, she continued to yearn for—and strive for—her parents’ praise … until she discovered something a whole lot more satisfying.

What I’ve learned about procrastination

After procrastinating on a major project, this high school student had only one night to finish it, and everything seemed to be going wrong. That’s when she learned a spiritual lesson that not only helped her with her project but also changed her attitude about procrastination.

Beating the audition jitters

Standing before a judge, preparing to audition, this viola player felt nervous, and doubtful about her abilities. But as soon as she turned her thoughts toward God, a major shift took place.

Protected from an assault

Alone on a dark street, this young woman seemed to be a prime target for an assault. But right in the moment when she seemed most vulnerable, a clear message from God broke through her fear and helped her find safety.

When my boyfriend crossed the line

After she gave in to her boyfriend’s repeated pressure to go farther than she was comfortable going, this author was desperate for a way out of the guilt and anger. That’s when what she’d learned in the Christian Science Sunday School came to her rescue.

Who am I now?

She’d spent her whole life as a gymnast, so when this high school student decided to end her gymnastics career, she was faced with an uncomfortable question: Who am I now?