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Feeling invisible?

The new school year was off to a rocky start for this high school junior: No one even knew she existed. When things didn’t get better, she turned to the Lord’s Prayer for help and had a thought shift that led to a very different high school experience.

How I stopped fighting with my sister

The only thing she and her sister had in common were their constant disagreements. But this author had a desire to think and act differently, and one day that prayer was answered in a totally unexpected way.

Say no to self-harm

For this author, desire for release from the emotional pain she was feeling turned into a pattern of self-destructive behavior. What broke the cycle? It all started with an idea from Science and Health.

How I prayed when quarantine hit

With the pandemic sweeping Europe, this American citizen living in Spain shares how Christian Science helped her face—and overcome—her fears of being so far away from her parents and potentially unable to return home.

Thinking about suicide?

Desperate for funds for college and feeling completely alone, this student wondered if suicide was her only answer. But it wasn’t a way out she needed, but a way forward, and she found it as she reached out to God for comfort and guidance.

When our home was foreclosed on

Not only was his family home foreclosed on, but then this teen found out they were moving halfway across the country. He was convinced there was nothing good for him in his new state until a passage from Science and Health radically changed his perspective.

What to do if you’re feeling lonely

When it seemed like there was no end to her loneliness, this author first felt overwhelmed and anxious … then had a surprising realization that completely changed her state of mind.

Looking for an internship? God will lead the way.

After sending out more than twenty résumés without success, this college student realized she needed a different approach to her internship search. Spending time with Science and Health brought unexpected answers.

When you’re facing the unknown

Struggling with uncertainty and fear about the future, this author needed an answer. What she found in the Bible allayed her fears and helped her stop worrying about what came next.

Getting along with Mom

This teen had always wanted a good relationship with her mom … but had never had one. But when she finally decided to pray about the dysfunction, based on what she’d learned in Christian Science, new insights paved the way for progress.