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Is the word God a turnoff?

If you’ve ever felt like the word God is confusing, unclear, or awkward to use with your friends, you’re not alone. This author explains how we can get past the confusion and start to know God in a way that’s genuinely helpful and healing.

If you feel like a victim

She felt like a victim and—true confession—identifying that way kind of made her feel special. But when she started learning about Christian Science, this author realized she wanted to give up the victim identity for something infinitely better.

How I’ve been praying during COVID-19

One teenager shares how he’s been praying during the pandemic for himself, his dad’s business, and the world.

A permanent healing of panic attacks

When this high school student began dealing with debilitating panic attacks, he discovered he could do more than manage the problem. He could expect complete healing by praying the way he’d learned to in the Christian Science Sunday School.

When the big test was looming

When a test in one of her scariest subjects was hanging over her head, this author started her exam prep with prayer. Read about how it paid off.

Say no to self-harm

For this author, desire for release from the emotional pain she was feeling turned into a pattern of self-destructive behavior. What broke the cycle? It all started with an idea from Science and Health.

Feeling invisible?

The new school year was off to a rocky start for this high school junior: No one even knew she existed. When things didn’t get better, she turned to the Lord’s Prayer for help and had a thought shift that led to a very different high school experience.

How I stopped fighting with my sister

The only thing she and her sister had in common were their constant disagreements. But this author had a desire to think and act differently, and one day that prayer was answered in a totally unexpected way.

How I prayed when quarantine hit

With the pandemic sweeping Europe, this American citizen living in Spain shares how Christian Science helped her face—and overcome—her fears of being so far away from her parents and potentially unable to return home.

Thinking about suicide?

Desperate for funds for college and feeling completely alone, this student wondered if suicide was her only answer. But it wasn’t a way out she needed, but a way forward, and she found it as she reached out to God for comfort and guidance.