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How can I stop feeling so ugly?

Feeling ugly? So was this author. But it wasn’t a makeover, or new clothes, or a better haircut that helped her feel more beautiful. It was a better understanding of God.

‘What does God’s voice sound like?’

We all have those thoughts. Do this. No, do that. But how do you know if it’s actually God giving you direction? This author offers a clear way of knowing exactly when God is talking to you and what His voice sounds like.

How can I learn to love myself?

When this author looked around at her friends, all she could see were their wonderful qualities—and her own inadequacies. How could she learn to love herself? Prayer brought unexpected answers.

‘I don’t know how to pray’

Feeling in a rut with prayer, or maybe like you don’t even know how to pray? Check out this article for a variety of practical ideas to get you going. After all, says this author, “Prayer is the most wonderful adventure ever.” You won’t want to miss out.

Why do bad things happen even if we’re praying a lot? This contributor shares how she wrestled with that question and came out with a deeper understanding of God’s omnipotence—and our God-given ability to overcome every challenge.

Tackling peer pressure—with prayer

When this college student found himself in a group of friends who kept “trash-talking” about girls, he knew he needed to do something. But could he stand up to peer pressure and still keep his friends? Prayer opened the way.

Do you care what others think?

Do you care too much about what others might be thinking about you? One writer says, “been there,” and goes on to show how getting a God-based understanding of her identity has helped her feel secure and happy.

Fearless in the face of danger

In the middle of a frightening situation, one teen found that instead of fear and panic, he could feel the peace of God’s presence—and that turned everything around.

Beyond skin color

When he moved from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Norway when he was 13, this author confronted prejudice—and learned significant spiritual lessons about how to heal it.

‘My skin was smooth and clear’

In response to a question about acne, one writer shares how she was able to stop focusing on an ugly blemish and instead turn her thoughts toward God, and the beautiful spiritual qualities she embodies as the expression of God.