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The real you—infinitely “cool”

Do you want to be cool? Popular? Who wouldn’t, right? This author considers what real acceptance looks like and where it starts. (Hint: It’s all about seeing ourselves more the way God does.)

Goodbye, self-condemnation

Self-criticism can be hard to shake, especially when you feel like you keep messing up. One athlete shares how he worked through a season of mistakes on the field and ultimately found healing from self-condemnation.

A spiritual approach to sports?

When being athlete seems so material, how can you participate in sports and also be a practicing Christian Scientist? One former athlete and Christian Scientist shares his insights.

The ultimate relationship

What can you do when relationships never seem to work out the way you want them to? This author shares his prayers about that question and how a shift to a more God-centric perspective blessed all his relationships—romantic and otherwise.

If you’re tempted to cheat

Overwhelmed by the academics in her new school, this author prayed for a solution. The specific—and unexpected—divine guidance that followed not only helped her succeed on a difficult exam, but it also supported her in facing down the temptation to cheat.

What does it mean to lean on God?

With only a few days to learn a leading role, this actress discovered that leaning on God has practical effects. She shares more about just what it means to lean on the Divine in this Q&A.

I couldn’t lose anything!

An author who prayed through a rocky relationship with her boyfriend shares her insights on what she learned and on how to pray more effectively about relationships, romantic and otherwise.

Decisions, decisions

Facing a stressful decision? This author provides helpful spiritual insights about how to pray about decision-making—and how you can tell if you’re really hearing God’s guidance.

Tongue-tied? Trust God!

Ever wanted to talk to your friends about Christian Science but felt like you didn’t have the “right” words? Good news. There are lots of different ways to share Christian Science, and some of them don’t require words at all!

Get unstuck

This author wondered how she could get Christian Science to work for her. But then a passage from Science and Health changed her approach entirely—and brought healing.