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Think new thoughts

What do you do when your thoughts seem stuck on repeat? One writer shares the inspiration that snapped her out of unproductive thought patterns.

‘I feel like I don’t have faith in God’

What can you do when you feel like you don’t have faith? This writer shares a healing that taught her a lesson about where faith comes from and how to find it.

‘This photo popped up on my phone …’

What do you do when an unwelcome photo pops up as a text or a Snapchat? Two Christian Science Sunday School teachers share ideas about how prayer can help us find freedom from these “dark images.”

How can I get people to like me?

She thought that doing what a guy asked would make her popular. When that backfired, this author realized that she could turn to Christian Science to understand what makes her likable and how to have better friendships.

How can I deal with relationship problems?

This author was swirling in confusion and distress over a relationship problem. But when she asked God for help with fixing it, she got a surprising answer.

How can I feel close to God?

Do you feel like you know God intellectually but don’t really feel close to God? This writer longed to experience God more tangibly, and she shares what happened to make that possible.

When you’re in over your head

During a mountain biking expedition, she found herself afraid and struggling—in over her head. What can we do when we find ourselves similarly overwhelmed? This author explains how understanding more about God, and our relation to God, paves the way to success.

Is Christian Science healing a lot of work?

What do you do when you’re praying and a healing doesn’t come immediately? Criticize yourself? Give up? This author offers a different approach: Get a different perspective on the “work” of healing.

How can I pray about overwhelming global problems?

Do our individual prayers make a difference when it comes to the big stuff going on in the world? This author says yes—and explains how she knows.

How can I stop doubting myself?

In college, she doubted her abilities and needed reassurance, even when she was performing well. By grad school, she faced down failure with ease. What changed? For this author, the shift happened when she got a deeper understanding of her spiritual identity.