Challenging pornography with purity

Live audio chat with Ron Mangelsdorf, C.S.B.

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In this chat Ron Mangelsdorf begins by telling us what God has promised. God has promised to love us, care for us, give us purpose and satisfaction. God also has promised to deliver us from things that aren't good – deception, limitations, temptation, and evil. If someone is addicted to pornography, Ron points to the healing, saving power of the Christ to deliver the individual from this false picture of men and women so that he or she can experience the joy, beauty, satisfaction, and bliss that comes only from knowing and living in tune with one's spiritual identity as the child of God.

Ron answers questions like: Is pornography more prevalent today? What is the mental reason behind it? My son-in-law admits that he has a porn addiction; how can I help him? I have heard that men, in particular are "hard-wired" to be drawn to pornography, is this true? Does indulging in pornography give men an unrealistic view of woman? Is a little bit of fantasy OK? And how can I overcome my addiction to pornography?  

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