God’s abundant love meets our needs

I’d made quite a project of searching for a more affordable home.

For several years before I retired, I wondered how I would be able to afford a home once I stopped working. I was already beyond the usual retirement age, and when I calculated the income I would have after retiring, it appeared that it would be insufficient to pay the monthly mortgage on my condo—and would definitely not support both the mortgage and buying groceries! 

With the help of real estate agents, I’d made quite a project of searching for a more affordable home. I knew the type of house I wanted and the location, but nothing was working out. And because an economic downturn had affected the value of my condo, I couldn’t sell it for enough to pay off what I owed. 

So I stayed in my job (which, fortunately, I liked), and from time to time would ask God to show me the answer to this dilemma. After decades of studying Christian Science and relying on it for physical healing and solutions to problems of all sorts, I had plenty of proof that God does meet our needs. However, I continued to stew about my situation and struggle to find a solution through my own efforts.

After several years of disappointment and discouragement, it became clear that I needed to put the problem entirely in God’s hands and trust divine guidance. It was time to lay aside all the planning and calculating I’d been doing, along with my preconceived notions of what would be best for me. 

Christian Science teaches that God is omnipresent Love, not some far-off being we must persuade to help us. As a favorite hymn asks, “Why is thy faith in God’s great love so small?” (W. F. Sherwin, Christian Science Hymnal, No. 390 ). 

In an essay included in her Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, Mary Baker Eddy writes: “God gives you His spiritual ideas, and in turn, they give you daily supplies. Never ask for to-morrow: it is enough that divine Love is an ever-present help; and if you wait, never doubting, you will have all you need every moment” (p. 307 ). 

I had relied on this promise many times over the years for employment, income, and other needs, and those needs had always been met. So I resolved to lean on God again, knowing that He is the source of all good. Since I was employed and had a home I loved, I did have what I needed at that moment. Whenever I was tempted to fear that my next home would not be as nice as the one I was living in, I countered this fear by remembering that in all my moves through the years, each place had been in some way better than the last, in proportion to my growing understanding of God’s nature as unlimited good.

I remembered reading somewhere that God not only loves what He creates but creates what He loves. Thinking about this helped me feel more assured of God’s love for me as His spiritual expression. 

In the Christian Science textbook, Mrs. Eddy’s answer to the question “What is man?” includes the statement “He is the compound idea of God, including all right ideas; . . .” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 475 ). Keeping this in thought helped me to stop ruminating on my financial situation and trust the Almighty, even though a solution was not yet evident. I knew that would come when I truly needed it.

One day within a few weeks of confidently and consistently surrendering this problem to God, I felt impelled to check the area’s real estate listings and spotted an amazing little house that was perfect for me in location, price, and utility. It wasn’t exactly what or where I had outlined as best suiting my needs and preferences, yet I knew it was right for me. I bought the house and was able to rent out my condo instead of selling it. I found an excellent tenant, who has lived there for over seven years.

Not long after moving into my house, I came downstairs one morning thinking of how beautifully my need had been met. I stopped on the steps and felt a powerful sense of God’s love for me. I couldn’t remember ever having had such a strong feeling of being wrapped in love. I’d certainly never experienced human love of this magnitude. 

That precious moment came back to me a few months ago when I listened to a Sentinel Watch podcast titled “Dispelling the fear of money” (Jasmine Birtles, August 17, 2020). As the guest spoke of the “ocean of love” that we all live in, I again felt surrounded by divine Love. I also realized that this was an opportunity to expand my thought to see that, in reality, all of God’s children are embraced in limitless Love, at peace and with needs met. No one is excluded.

Another idea from the podcast was about expecting surprises as evidence of God’s continuous outpouring of good. Feeling so well taken care of, with an adequate income, a home I loved, and fulfilling friendships, I didn’t think there was any possible avenue for more good to come to me, and especially no likelihood of additional income. But as far-fetched as it seemed, I saw that I could at least open my thought to the possibility of further blessings. 

Two days later, I had my surprise. I received a letter informing me that a woman I had known casually over about 25 years had remembered me in her will. The amount didn’t make me wealthy, but it was a substantial gift. I was in awe, and very grateful.

Infinite Love is all around us, and we can expect it to take tangible form in our lives. We just need to be open to receiving—and expressing—God’s love in abundance.

In concert with God’s harmony
June 14, 2021

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