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Defusing hate. Living love.

Regardless of when and how division and hatred began, the greater question is whether genuine reformation, forgiveness, love, and unity are possible in the face of these plagues.
I began to think more spiritually about my own identity as that which continually reflects God, Spirit, instead of contemplating the fears and limitations that might accompany a lifestyle change from employed to retired.

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Don’t let the “old man” in

It is important for us to be alert to thoughts that aren’t from God, the divine Mind, including limitations that are commonly attributed to the passing of years.
I had plenty of proof that God does meet our needs. However, I continued to stew about my situation and struggle to find a solution through my own efforts.
I felt a firm assurance that my voice was back to normal.

Parsley learns about Love

Divine Love was taking care of everyone and everything.
Testimony of Healing

No grief, just Love

In the year since my mum passed, I have never once cried, and although I often think of her and love her, I don’t have any sense of loss for her or for me. 
Testimony of Healing
I never told the practitioner about my drug addiction, but after this healing I discovered that all desire to use drugs was gone.
Testimony of Healing

Alarming symptoms gone

I live alone in a rural area, and since it was still so early, I was concerned that no one would know I needed help. I had to lean totally on God to help me handle the overwhelming fear. 
Bible Lens
Divine charges to multiply appear from the very first chapter of the Bible.

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