Parsley learns about Love

Parsley was a beautiful black and white cat who lived down the road. But when Parsley’s family had to move away, I took him in. 

Poor Parsley! He didn’t like his new home. Another cat and dog were living there already!

Parsley missed his old house so much that he kept going back, and then I would have to go and fetch him home. When he did stay home, he mostly hid in the cupboard and only came out for meals.

One day I noticed that Parsley had a large lump on his ear. I had often prayed for my other pets, and they’d had healings. So I knew I could pray for Parsley as well.

Parsley allowed me to pick him up. As I stroked him, I prayed by asking God for an answer. As I did, I felt the most overwhelming sense of love. It was bigger than any love I’d ever felt before, so I knew it must come from God, divine Love. It was all-embracing, and I could feel that it included everyone, everywhere—even little animals.

I felt very peaceful, knowing that divine Love was taking care of everyone and everything. Parsley sat quietly with me for a little while, then jumped down and went on his way.

When I saw him again the next day, Parsley’s ear was perfect. It was like no bump had ever been there.

But something even bigger and better had happened. From then on, Parsley was loving and affectionate. No more hiding away in cupboards. No more running away to his old house. He had become one of the family, making friends with my other cat and dog and acting like he really belonged. He especially liked to sit on my lap when I prayed and read the weekly Bible Lesson found in the Christian Science Quarterly. 

Parsley now knew he was truly loved, and he lived happily with us for many years. He had felt the touch of divine Love, as I had, and it changed everything for the better.

Testimony of Healing
No grief, just Love
June 14, 2021

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