Healed ‘quickly and wholly’ after riding accident

About six months ago I was thrown off a horse. In addition to the general soreness I felt, as the evening went on it became clear that the leg that had taken the brunt of the impact couldn’t support much weight, that something wasn’t quite right with my nose, and that I couldn’t move my neck without severe pain.

Yet, having experienced and read about (in this and other Christian Science publications) many inspiring Christian Science healings, I was convinced that quick and whole healing was a real possibility. In the Manual of The Mother Church, Mary Baker Eddy uses the phrase “quickly and wholly” to describe the healing power of Christian Science (p. 92). One thing I love about that passage is that it not only points to the effectiveness of Christian Science, but also nudges us to be active in our efforts to demonstrate this Science. It’s a galvanizing statement.

Testimony of Healing
Healing of sores on feet
March 11, 2019

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