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From the readers

[Bill Moody, “How can we shore up ‘the promises of democracy’?
On the web: The following JSH-Online.
One of the primary lessons in the study of Christian Science includes instruction in seven synonyms, or names, for God.

Free to love God

The Bible commands us to fear—to worship and be in awe of—God alone.
I knew, deep down, that God had not created anyone to be a failure. 
I often prayed to our divine Parent to help me know how to reach Sean.
Maria Montessori, the distinguished early childhood educator, said, “Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.
From Teens

Seeing clearly

I started to focus on loving everything and everyone I saw around me.
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Who am I now?

She’d spent her whole life as a gymnast, so when this high school student decided to end her gymnastics career, she was faced with an uncomfortable question: Who am I now?
Testimony of Healing

Back pain gone

Many years ago I injured my back lifting a heavy object into a truck bed.
Testimony of Healing
About six months ago I was thrown off a horse.
Testimony of Healing
While at a workplace that required more standing and walking than sitting, I began to notice sores on the bottom of both of my feet.

‘Thou shalt have …’

The demand for honest self-examination in ourselves and our churches is just as strong today, because the demand for healing, meaning, and community is even stronger.
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