Persistence in prayer brings healing

I grew up in Christian Science, but as a young adult with a baby daughter, I struggled with my faith in Christian Science healing. When I read testimonies in the Christian Science magazines, I would feel that those amazing healings could never happen to me. I felt that either I didn’t have the understanding, or perhaps some people were just more prone to healing. Although I turned to Christian Science prayer whenever my young daughter had a need, I refrained from talking to her about God or spiritual healing, because I was worried that if a healing didn’t happen, she might not trust Christian Science for healing when she grew up. Although the healing always came, and trips to doctors weren’t necessary, afterward I always wished I had shared my prayers with her.

A turning point in my faith in Christian Science healing came after an incident in the mountains, Christmas Day, 2013. My family and two other families were at a local ski resort, and I slipped on some ice on the deck of the lodge as I carried a tray full of drinks for the group. I felt the bone of my lower leg dislocate from the knee, but with the fall, the bone went back into place.

Healing and the ripple effect
July 9, 2018

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