Our capacity to understand God

A friend of mine is a coach and was working with a student one day on gaining more accuracy and strength. The student had been training for a few hours and was very tired, so when the coach asked him to correct his technique again, the student replied, “I just can’t!” Immediately he knew he had said the wrong thing. But before he could say another word, the coach gently told him, “Don’t say ‘can’t.’ Say, ‘I’m not doing so right now, but I will practice to do so!’ ”

When it comes to developing our spiritual sense and understanding our relation to God more deeply, we may feel a bit like this student. We may want to grow and get stronger spiritually, practice more of what we’ve learned in Christian Science, and bring about quicker healings, but when challenged with a problem in our lives, we may hear ourselves saying, “I can’t!”

Being about our Father’s business
July 9, 2018

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