Healing and the ripple effect

My older brother was going through a rough time and wasn’t very happy with where he was in his life. He also wasn’t very open to Christian Science, even though we both had gone to the Christian Science Sunday School when we were younger. During this time, my foot became very irritated, itching almost constantly. It was really hard to avoid scratching it, but I tried to ignore the irritation, hoping it would eventually go away. 

To be honest, my mum and I were so focused on praying about the situation with my brother that it didn’t really occur to me to pray about my foot. As we prayed, I was very grateful for what I’ve learned in Christian Science about the fact that each of us is the child of God, and nothing can change that. You don’t have to call yourself a Christian Scientist or even believe in the ideas in order to be God’s child. That’s just what we are. No matter the circumstance, the spiritual fact is that each of us is always loving and loved, safe, joyful, and peaceful, because that is the way God created His children, and what God made can’t be reversed. 

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‘What does God’s voice sound like?’
July 9, 2018

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