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[TeenConnect, Deborah Huebsch, “ ‘I don’t know how to pray,’ ” Sentinel, June 25, 2018]
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The divine Mind that knows us as its eternal creation has provided us with the ability to know Mind, God, as our creator.
Understanding our own divine relationship with God gives us the confidence to commit ourselves to being about our Father’s business of healing the world. 
By being ready to carry out the tasks God gives us, whatever they may be, we are serving and paying homage to Him. 
There is no stopping God’s love from finding us when it’s needed.
Turning Points In Spiritual Growth
I grew up in Christian Science, but as a young adult with a baby daughter, I struggled with my faith in Christian Science healing.
All are included in God’s family as His sons and daughters. God’s love isn’t imparted unequally, with some getting more and some being excluded. 
TeenConnect: Q&A
We all have those thoughts. Do this. No, do that. But how do you know if it’s actually God giving you direction? This author offers a clear way of knowing exactly when God is talking to you and what His voice sounds like.
Testimony of Healing

Healing of injured knee

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Testimony of Healing
One time I was asked when I became a Christian Scientist, and I said when I was about twenty years old.
Testimony of Healing
During my senior year of high school, my body began retaining water.
Image and Inspiration

'Such tender beauty, Lord, from Thee ...'

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If our thoughts and actions go astray, there is a way back home—a way to reclaim what God always knows about us.
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