A Christmas healing

Throughout my life, I’ve always found the most satisfying answers and healings have come from my humble desire to learn more about God. So, when I started feeling unwell in the week leading up to last Christmas, I turned to God in prayer to find healing. After a few days, however, I could no longer be at work. The symptoms seemed to be worsening, and I felt the need to get more help. As Christmas was fast approaching, I longed to feel well! I had many commitments for the holiday, the most important being my work as a Christian Science nurse. I was scheduled to work through the holiday.

After I prayed quietly one morning, the thought came to call a specific Christian Science practitioner to pray with me. I had never called this individual before, and for a moment the prospect of asking someone new for help, while I was at my worst, seemed daunting. Over the last few years, however, I had been praying to know that each time we ask a fellow church member to pray with us, God is supplying both of our needs and guiding us to bless each other. Personality has no part in that holy, healing work. If listening to God, the only actual healer, we are led in His way and are willing to receive inspired truths. 

Testimony of Healing
Mobility restored
December 25, 2017

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