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[How I Found Christian Science, “From the ‘pit’ of addiction to a thirst for spiritual growth,” Nick McBride, November 20, 2017, Sentinel]
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Christmas expectancy all year

I’ve been thinking about the constant flow of good from God. 
Christian healing is “the babe we are to cherish.” 
A thought came to me that I needed to be delivered from myself.
How I Found Christian Science

‘A God of love only’

When I was a child, the thought came to me that “God is a God of love only” and not a God of both love and hate, which was taught by my father’s religion—something I could not accept.
For Teens

Christmas after a divorce

Each of us was included in an even greater love that could never go away.
Testimony of Healing

A Christmas healing

Throughout my life, I’ve always found the most satisfying answers and healings have come from my humble desire to learn more about God.
Testimony of Healing

Mobility restored

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to demonstrate the persistence Mary Baker Eddy calls for when dealing with seemingly insurmountable challenges.
Testimony of Healing
A few years back, I spent several weeks away from my workaday world to appreciate quiet time as a rest and study guest at a Christian Science nursing facility.


In the humble spaceof the Bethlehem stable
'To Bless All Mankind'

Emphasizing ‘positive drivers’ of peace

A common predictor of war is whether enough people expect one.
'To Bless All Mankind'

‘Mobilized for peace’

“War is not inevitable,” notes the editorial on the facing page.
It’s through giving expression to God’s freely given idea, that Christ’s influence grows and grows and changes the world.
Bible Lens

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