We praise and thank God!

I’m really grateful for God’s allness and healing power. I was getting dressed when I started to sneeze. My nose felt kind of runny. The thought came: “I have a list of things to do, but having a cold (even a small one) is not one of them. As God’s child I can’t have a stuffy nose because God did not give it to me.” When I went to get breakfast, my nose was fine.  —Emily, 11 

When I was playing in a soccer game, one boy was being rough toward my team. I prayed to know that he was God’s loving child and that it was error tricking the boy into thinking he had to act this way. God is good and governs all. There is no room for error in His harmony. I knew that this is the spiritual truth. The boy stopped being rough. I was glad for God’s help and this chance to express God’s love.  —Daejin, 9

Testimony of Healing
Harmony and dignity prevail
November 25, 2013

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