Cracked ribs healed

Over the years I have had many healings, but some stand out because of the clarity of the thought that brought rapid results. One happened about 12 years ago, during a weekend trip my husband and I took with our teenage daughter to visit our married son and his family. The car was packed and ready, and we were waiting for our daughter to finish getting her things together. I decided to get on my bike and ride a little way up the road and back to fill the time.

The air in one tire was low, making it difficult to steer. I lost control and ended up on the ground. When I landed, I heard cracking sounds and felt pain in my rib cage, but picked myself up and did as I am accustomed to do—affirmed strongly that as a child of God, a spiritual idea dwelling in divine Mind rather than in matter, I could not be injured. I don’t remember my exact thoughts, but I’m sure they included the idea that there are no accidents in the realm of divine Mind.

Testimony of Healing
Warts disappear
November 25, 2013

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