Cat restored to health

In December 2010, I was busy writing Christmas cards at my desk in my study when my cat, Dickens, was making his way across the top of the wing chair on the wall behind me. He couldn’t seem to get settled, so I kept turning to watch him when I heard his claws sink into the chair. Then he began batting at the lampshade on the lamp next to the chair. Because his antics were slowing my progress, I unceremoniously picked him up and put him out of the room, closing the door behind him. When I went to bed a short while later, it was clear that he was angry at me for having done so.

The following day, as I walked past the study several times to get Christmas decorations, I noticed that he seemed glued to the footstool in front of the chair he had been traversing the night before. When day turned into night and he was still there, I checked on him and found that he was a most miserable-looking creature. He seemed to be in the advanced stages of an upper-respiratory condition and was sneezing repeatedly. Moments later, he was stretched across the footstool in an odd position. At first I just thought he must be in a deep sleep, but when I sat in the chair and began to stroke him, he showed no signs of life. His chest did not appear to be moving, and he didn’t twitch a hair or muscle as I continued to stroke him.

Testimony of Healing
Back pain healed
December 10, 2012

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