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My jaw actually fell open when I saw an article about the Burning Man event in Nevada in the November 5 Sentinel [Michael Morgan, “Seekers unite at a ‘Burning Man’ festival”].

Triumph over evil

Is the devil (or evil in its many insidious guises) still hovering around, despite Jesus’ bold efforts to reject it during that mountaintop temptation over two thousand years ago? And are we turning from such inducements with equal vehemence?

Defeating the devil

An exploration of how Jesus overcame temptation.
Clarity on this thorny theological question can help heal the world.

'Demons' and witchcraft have no power

His prayer breaks through mental chains of witchcraft and protects his family.

The devil is a liar

Observations on C. S. Lewis’s writings on the devil.
Dealing with holiday stress, she found reassurance in the Sermon on the Mount.

Taking out the garbage

Insight into dealing with negative influences in our lives.

Building with prayer

Trusting God opens the way for blessings.
This university student prays during a tough computer programming exam.
Scary movie? Read how you can pray!
Through a Spiritual Lens

Unyielding strength

Nubble Lighthouse, Maine.
Sentinel Watch

A spiritual approach to coal seam gas mining

Divine intelligence isn’t biased toward one side or another.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

The glory belongs to God

“… there can be no power except that which is derived from Mind.”
How I Found Christian Science

'I knew my life was changed forever...'

I was delighted and fascinated with the book.
Items of Interest
Trauma can be defined as an overwhelming event involving actual or threatened death, serious injury, or threat to person.
Items of Interest
In a recent issue of the Detroit Free Press, Cassandra Spratling reports that most American families no longer own a Bible.
Testimony of Healing
My parents were not church-going people when they met.
Testimony of Healing
In December 2010, I was busy writing Christmas cards at my desk in my study when my cat, Dickens, was making his way across the top of the wing chair on the wall behind me.
Testimony of Healing

Back pain healed

In Christian Science we learn that nothing can impede God’s action.
From the Editors

Promises kept

The promises emanating from God are promises never broken.

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