Promises kept

“Your car will be ready by three this afternoon.” It is a promise, perhaps from a mechanic, but will the car really be ready on time?

For most of us, each day comes with promises. A few of them may be life-changers. Many of them will be inconsequential, or at most, mildly helpful. To identify which ones will make a real difference, it often comes down to: which of them will be kept? And that, to a great extent, depends on who made the promise in the first place. It could have been the mechanic, the neighbor, a family member. Or, perhaps it could have been someone you never met, such as a politician. Did they, and did you, either love or hate how the recent United States election turned out, especially how it impacted the promise of universal health care—or the promise of getting rid of it? After all, what some voters thought promised the best solution, others thought promised the worst.

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December 10, 2012

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