A new life of spiritual understanding

When I was growing up, my family included a couple of relatives who were Christian Scientists. About the only thing I knew about their religion was that they didn’t go to doctors and that when they were ill they prayed for healing. When I was ill, which wasn’t often, my mother would give me some patent medicine. We rarely went to the doctor, believing that little aches and pains would go away on their own. This was generally true of my growing-up days, which were remarkably free of sickness.

As an adult, however, I found that there were some diseases and discomforts that were not so readily healed. At one point when I was ill with head pains and stomach cramps, a family friend suggested that I have Christian Science treatment. I didn’t know how a mental prayer could heal a physical body, but I agreed to let this friend pray for me. I actually forgot about the problem, and it was some time later that I realized that I wasn’t feeling pain any more. Apparently I was healed! I still didn’t know how the healing had come about and decided that the pain had just gone away on its own.

Sentinel Watch
A prayer offering at war's end in Iraq
January 30, 2012

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