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Thank you for including a report on the 2011 International Christian Science Nursing Conference in the “Items of interest” section in the December 12, 2011, issue of the Sentinel [“Guided by a psalm”].

Calm in the face of anger

Items of Interest
Reprinted from Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life, © 2011, Pew Research Center.

Spiritual poise silences anger

We, too, can cultivate the spiritual poise that gave Jesus such self-control amid so much hostility.

Let the carnival go on!

Some years ago when I was living with my family in Venezuela, I was in charge of the school carnival.

Love defuses anger

A charged confrontation teaches a lesson on keeping love at the forefront of thought.
Surrounded by the chaos of life in a foreign country, this author finds peace and healing.
Question of the Week
Question of the Week from
In the News – A Spiritual Perspective
Providing justice for women is necessary today and has precedents in the Bible's teachings.

The benefits of habitual prayer

A daily habit of praying keeps God at the forefront of thought and brings healing.

You're hired!

When finding summer employment looked impossible, a nudge from her mom led this teen to pray.
Filling up her thought with God helped this girl heal.
Church Alive

Church alive – and kicking!

A young professional soccer player used to attend our church.

Sea change

Yes, it was on the beach that nightwhen the rising moon looked like distant fireworksand the sand stretched out foreverinto the calm, strong sea, that we first foundthe spiritual guidepost called “anchor of hope.
How I Found Christian Science
As I was healed myself, I began to share my enthusiasm for Christian Science with others.
Sentinel Watch
Stability, peace, and progress aren't naive hopes–they're spiritual qualities, the outcome of an all-powerful God.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Spirit animates your life

We, too, can rely on Spirit to carry out our unique God-given missions for good in the world. 
Testimony of Healing

Growth on eyelid gone

About nine years ago a growth appeared under one of my eyelids.
Testimony of Healing

A quick turnaround

One Sunday morning in autumn of 2010, I woke up at my usual time, got up, and sat in my draftsman’s chair.
Testimony of Healing

Injured foot healed

A few summers ago, I was moving some debris and rocks out of the creek near our vacation cabin in an effort to clean up an area that had the possibility of damming up.
From the Editors
Diligent prayer on the part of Christians can supply the spiritual "lift" that will inspire people to "think anew, and act anew."

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