Noisy neighbors? There's a lesson in this!

I woke up exhausted and not a little cranky. My family and I were living in a high-rise condominium building (for the first time in many years), and noise coming from our upstairs neighbors’ banging shades had kept me awake for quite a while in the wee hours of the morning. Living overseas for the first time ever—with building construction noise across the street 24 hours a day and traffic that at times looked more like a rugby scrum than an orderly procession—I had been praying daily to grow into the truth that I could have peace and order in the midst of what seemed to be chaos. But on that morning I was in no mood to face the day.

However, I turned as always to my loving Father-Mother God, who I knew would set my thinking and actions on a more productive path. “Warming up” by reading some articles and healings in a recent Sentinel, I could already feel my heart being lifted. A hymn, a Bible verse, a tenet of Christian Science, and finally a Tom and Jerry cartoon . . . and then peace restored. This is the story of a day of healing and inspiration.

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