Growth on foot gone

Last spring, a large bump appeared on the top part of my foot. I hadn’t injured it or done anything that would have caused this to occur, and I was not fearful of the condition, since I felt confident that it was something that I could overcome with prayer. But since the bump didn’t cause me any pain, I procrastinated praying about it.

As the months passed, however, I knew I needed to really pray about this condition. Summer was approaching, and I wanted to be able to wear sandals without people being fearful of an unsightly growth on my foot.

Then, one morning as I was putting on my shoes, I noticed that this bump was larger than ever. At that point it became apparent to me that this problem had no real power or significance. I recalled a Christian Science lecture that I had recently listened to on, called “Living in Abundance.” The lecturer, Evan Mehlenbacher, talked about a time when he looked at his reflection in the mirror and responded to what he saw by thinking, “That’s not me.” He knew that the troubling condition reported by the physical senses was no part of his real spiritual being, which was perfect and intact. That’s exactly how I felt about this bump on my foot. It wasn’t me, and it never had a place on my body! With that thought, I left for work.

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December 19, 2011

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