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Thanks to all the writers for the wonderful articles in the Sentinel.

Stories behind the story

Stephanie Paulsell, who teaches at Harvard Divinity School, once wrote that when the first candle is lit and the voices of Advent sing out across the church, “Wake up! It’s time to begin again!” it feels like the most graceful invitation she’s ever heard.
Items of Interest
On October 25, in celebration of the King James Bible’s 400th anniversary, The Mary Baker Eddy Library hosted the Massachusetts Bible Society for an event in its annual Beck Lecture Series.
Items of Interest
According to a new study, 93 percent of American Christians say they are concerned about global poverty, but many of them are unaware of the progress that has been made in the quest to eliminate poverty worldwide.
Items of Interest
In the United States, more than 70 percent of deaths are due to chronic diseases, and communities of color are disproportionally affected.
Look for the Christmas story to touch and embrace you in a new way this year.

Our holiday house guests

A humble prayer for harmony when differing views try to get in the way.

Presents, or presence?

The writer's daughter finds quick healing in the promise of God's "presents."
Don't have a Martha but a Mary Christmas!

The heart of Christmas

With her kids away for the holiday, this mom reaches out to feel God's love.

Christmas star

Shine out quiet star.

The best Christmas gift for me

A fresh spiritual look at what holiday gift-giving signifies.

What it doesn't say

When I read what it saysI see what it doesn’t say.

My year-round Christmas

We each can follow the guiding star of God's love in our daily activities.

What Christmas Means to Me

Early in 1906, The Ladies’ Home Journal asked Mary Baker Eddy if she would prepare an article on the meaning of Christmas for its December issue.
This teen discovers her spiritual wholeness and finds healing on a ski trip.
A Christmas story for all to read!
Through a spiritual lens

Instant message

This photo was taken along the Thames Embankment in London.
Sentinel Watch
Spiritual resources can't be limited: We naturally recognize that they are available for everyone.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Our guiding light

Through his healing ministry Christ Jesus shone a light on the way, heralding the dawn of the Science of Christ–or Christian Science–as Mary Baker Eddy named it.
Testimony of Healing

Mother's healing prayer, a son's choice

My son, Joel, and his buddies in middle school loved baseball.
Testimony of Healing

Growth on foot gone

Last spring, a large bump appeared on the top part of my foot.
Testimony of Healing

Healing of dengue

Once, while I was on vacation in a warm climate, my health deteriorated to the point that my family decided to take me to a clinic.
From the Editors

Welcome home

The real homecoming is in waking up to our spiritual, divine nature, defined by the Christ, Truth.

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