Tune in to the day's news, and it's almost impossible not to come face to face with reports of terrorism and violence. Terrorism—defined as the calculated use of, or threat of, fear and violence against civilians—was brought to the forefront of Western thought by the 9/11 attacks, but it's affected other parts of the world for years. Many of our reader live in areas where terrorism is common, or have loved ones who do. And all of us seek an end to coercion and the instillation of fear.

It's easy to feel helpless or shellshocked in the face of such news, since terrorism can seem an intractable, continually threatening problem. But as our contributors illustrate in this issue, there is a comforting, protecting, uplifting response to terrorism—one that is always at hand and that effectively counters fear and violence. Taking a firm spiritual stance against terror strips it of any power to harm or destroy.

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