Excerpt from Healing the Spirit: Stories of Transformation

"Right from the beginning, this project transcended all the words and language we could think of to describe what we were doing. Though technically correct, the words Spiritual Healing Project were simply inadequate to the task. They felt like flat, black-and-white objects in a world that exploded with color and multidimensionality. The experience of actually doing the project, talking to over two thousand people about the action of God in their lives, felt like a mystery that kept unfolding, purposefully moving us along a path that was clear and unmistakable. This project belonged to God from start to finish. . . .

"In each church we visited, with each story we heard, we became more and more aware of the presence of God, not only in the lives of those who participated in the study, but also in the actual meeting itself. . . . We began to experience a renewed spirituality that has become central to our existence. In simply listening to people talking about their experiences of spiritual healing, we felt a deep sense of healing within us. Spiritual healing had become contagious!"

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