A conductor talks about his work.

'It takes the heart of an adventurer'

When you listen to music, what do you hear? For starters, you hear a lot of different notes, some played faster, some slower, some played louder, some softer. You might hear interesting rhythms, or the grouping of a particular set of notes to make a harmony. If you listen more closely, maybe you recognize the sounds of different instruments, such as the cheerful chirping of a flute or the brassy bellow of a trombone.

As a conductor, my job is to listen for these things—and a whole lot more. I have to make sure that the orchestra members are playing the right notes. I have to be certain that players are making their entrances at the right times. I keep my ears—and heart—attuned to the mood and feeling of the music, too. There's a lot to listen for that goes beyond what the notes on the page are saying. But that's part of the fun of my job.

Testimony of Healing
Jocelyn's healing
October 6, 2003

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