'All things are become new'

A discovery that feelings of tiredness, old age, and illness all respond to prayer

AS THE YEARS GO BY, it can be tempting to settle down into a comfort zone. People can grow comfortable with what they've always known and thought, instead of reaching out for fresh thoughts and views all the time—to "put on the new man," as the Apostle Paul said in the Bible (Eph. 4:24).

Thanks to prayer, I now look for what needs to be improved in my life, what progress I can be making, and what old concepts I may have let in during the day that didn't measure up to a fresher and higher point of view. There's really no point where we should start to taper off in our expression of intelligence, and vitality, and ability to comprehend and learn new things. God certainly isn't limited in what He's giving to us, His children, or to His universe. And so whatever the limitations are that we may feel, they certainly are not placed on us by God. This in itself is a beautiful reason for living and loving every day as God's expression.

Ready to forgive
November 11, 2002

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