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I LOVE TO READ church signs—the ones that make you think twice, and then you grin.


Our church has received a gift of $1,000.
We should have credited Robert Watts as the Aboriginal artist who coordinated the painting of the mural pictured with "A step toward reconciliation" in the October 7 issue.
items of interest

items of interest

"THERE ARE PRAYERS, and there are Prayers.

watching people grow in their faith

The basic message of Walt Gerber's ministry? "You can always make a U-turn with God." A popular message? Five packed services at his Menlo Park, California, church each weekend speak for themselves.
Where the Church is failing young people today, and why the kids are not there, is that we have no idea what their culture is, and we're not able—or willing, maybe—or go down and take the pulse and be where the children are.
At about 6:30, three or four mornings a week, two men meet in Starbucks on Santa Cruz Avenue, Menlo Park.
People may not talk openly about their spiritual lives with friends, but on the Internet they do it freely. Three current Web sites attest to the growth of faith—and worship—on the Internet.
Warm sunlight spills like gold through this church window, but is not contained by it.

Toward a greater SAFETY

Protection from harm comes ultimately from being aware of God's presence—what the Psalmist called "abiding under the shadow of the Almighty."
What threatened to be a fatal drowning accident became for the author a path to priceless inspiration and to striking evidence that God can heal us physically.

'All things are become new'

Feelings of tiredness, old age, and illness all respond to the power of prayer.

Ready to forgive

IT was a long overseas flight.
In the morning I will listenFor the stillness of Your voice,And I know that You will give meAll the grace and calm and poiseI will need throughout the dayTo face the world and all its noise,As I listen in the morningFor the stillness of Your voice.

In her true light . . .

Following the opening of The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity on September 29, the Sentinel continues printing experts from the collection of newly published writings.
BALI is a beautiful Indonesian island, just one hour's flying time from the Australian mainland.
Testimony of Healing

A mother's prayer

God is always mothering our children —everyone's children— and doing it better than anyone else to whom we could turn.

Testimony of Healing

The prayer that left no trace of injury

A few months ago, I was riding my bike through town with my mother, when I tripped and fell as I tried to get off the bike.
Testimony of Healing
For years, I battled recurring bladder infections.
Depending on where you live in the world, you may know November 11 as Veterans Day, Armistice Day, Victory Day, Independence Day, or Remembrance Day.

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