I'd like to comment on "Myths and truths about boys" (November 27). In my five years of visiting residents at correctional institutions as a Christian Science volunteer, I've often discussed Genesis 1:27 with the adult men. To show them the male and female of God's creating that we all reflect and also to show God's father-motherhood, I ask what are the qualities of a good father. Love, guidance, support, strength, are answers that come forth. I'll ask if they have these qualities, and most of them will say yes. Then I ask them what are the qualities of a good mother. Unconditional love, tenderness, compassion, gentleness, nurturing, are often mentioned. I'll ask then if they possess these qualities. And most all agree that they do. I cherish the fact that this is the truth about boys/men—even incarcerated ones!

MaryLouise Parsons
Loveland, Colorado

Thanks to all who contribute to the magazine's freshness and spiritual inspiration. I recently gave a Sentinel subscription to a friend and here are some of her comments: "What a joy-answer-solution-inspiration-assurance the Sentinel is. I hadn't read one since they were small, green, very terse, and scholarly. What growth, what abundance, what modernism! I am a converted reader."

items of interest
items of interest
February 5, 2001

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