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To Our Readers

Most of US do parenting, whether we have children or not.


I'd like to comment on "Myths and truths about boys".
items of interest

items of interest


Challenging choices

Some ideas on helping young people respond responsibly to a media culture.

The battle of the zombies

She came home early. And she didn't like what she found. See how one mother handled her son's "pretty gruesome" video playing.

God's Web Site

Whether you're leading a multitude out of slavery or driving your snowmobile through a blizzard, the same guidance applies: find God.

Owing and being owed

If you'd loaned somebody a lot of money—and you had to alter your lifestyle because he or she couldn't pay you—how do think you'd react?


Find out how the author quenched a thirst for something he wasn't getting out of life.
your decisions

How valuable are you?

You have value. You have something special to give. And if it doesn't seem that way, you have to do something about it!

Sam's lizard

Skitty had escaped again, and no one could find him.

Testimony of Healing

Impelled to pray

Even after this experience, he never was afraid of water.

Testimony of Healing

Nothing can stop God

Within a few days, I was able to run again every morning.

Testimony of Healing

The only law is God's

I held firmly to these ideas, and after a few days the pain had disappeared.

Testimony of Healing

Injured jaw healed

I have been grateful for many signs of divine Love's protection and healing power.
Testimony of Healing

"God loves all of you"

These experiences tell me that there is only one God.

Testimony of Healing

Healed of spinal disease

I was in the grip of constant fear and was taking large amounts of medication.

Testimony of Healing

No scabs, no pain

I felt a healing was taking place right then.


Not seeing eye to eye?

From the moment I did this, I felt different about our relationship.

Are you interested in hearing more about how Christian Science heals and changes people's lives for the better?

There is freedom in understanding God's plan.

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