You can feel God's love

Open your heart to Him.

One morning when my oldest child was still a toddler, he climbed out of his crib and came into our bedroom. I noticed that he was walking in a halting, awkward fashion. When he tried to climb up onto the bed, he was unable to do so without help, though he had previously been able to scramble up at a rapid rate. He started to speak, but the words came out in a garbled fashion, completely unlike his normal, clear speech.

I quickly turned my thought in prayer to God, good. Immediately I became filled with the most beautiful sense of love I had ever known. I felt absolutely radiant and aglow with it. It seemed to me that this was love at its most pure: calm love, trusting love, joyous love, embracing this dear child in the most caring way. Then the thought came that if I, as a mere human mother, could feel such love, how rich, how deep must be the love of God, who is divine Love itself. How all-encompassing must be the tender, loving care of our spiritual Father-Mother God for all His children. At that moment I knew with certainty that the wonderful protective love of God was right there embracing my son and me in all its power and glory and goodness.

September 21, 1998

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