Equality in church, and beyond

Woman's rights, humanity's rights

One day I was listening to a minister on a local television program speaking out against the growing number of women preachers. Basing his arguments primarily on the account of creation in the second chapter of Genesis in the Bible, he stated that God created man before woman and then made woman from man's rib. To him this meant that women occupied an inferior or subordinate position compared to men in God's scheme of things. He concluded by saying that for women to have authority over men, in church or in any area of life, was morally wrong, as it went against God's order.

As I considered his words, I inwardly rejoiced that there is a more enlightened and inclusive interpretation of the Holy Scriptures—one that blesses both men and women. It is based on the account of creation given in the first chapter of Genesis, where God made man—male and female—in His image and likeness.

Yea! It's God's day!
September 21, 1998

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