Disease cured; dental trouble healed

While I was a senior in high school, my girlfriend and I both developed symptoms of mononucleosis, generally regarded as very infectious. Her father, a medical doctor, took her to a hospital to be examined and suggested that I get checked also. When my girlfriend was diagnosed with the disease, I became quite fearful and told my mom of my concerns. She suggested that I call my Christian Science Sunday School teacher. I called her, and we spoke just briefly about what was spiritually true of man. Tears of joy streamed down my face as I hung up the telephone. I could see that there was no need to be afraid. I was free from disease because I was the child of God. It was that simple. The symptoms disappeared.

This and other healings have shown me man's inherent freedom from disease and, more important, they have given me a clearer understanding of God's ever-abiding love for His children. Recently I was required to face another issue: Was the essence or substance of my life material or spiritual? And the answer brought healing.

Testimony of Healing
Prayer eliminates a painful growth
June 22, 1998

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