I am God's child. Loved, cared for, protected, vitally important to Him. I am at this very moment perfect, whole, complete, possessing all the strength and intelligence needed to perform the tasks at hand. I express Him in all I do. His is the kingdom in which I work, His the power with which I work, His the glory for which I work. He could never forsake me, stop loving me, or leave me feeling helpless, hopeless, fearful, alone. God is not like that. He is ever present—ever with me. I am never on the outside looking in. Rather, I am always in God's kingdom, cared for by Him. My worth to Him is beyond measure.

There is no half good in store for me. There is only all good because there is only God. I can expect this now, always. I can stop believing and rehearsing lies about myself—who I am, where I came from, what I did, what I will do. I can relinquish such thinking about past, present, or future, and listen only to what He says is true about me. His description of me includes no sense of time—too much or too little—no sense of failure, exhaustion, or brokenheartedness. The me He knows is the ever-active, always intelligent, forever developing, talented idea of Himself. God makes me perfect and good, and nothing can annul His law.

February 23, 1998

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