Power—its use and misuse—is a hot topic these days

Power—its use and misuse—is a hot topic these days. Whether it involves how your boss treats you or how individual nations respond to global issues, the way power is exercised affects our lives, our attitudes, and our hopes for the future.

This week's authors go beneath the surface of the issues to discover where true power lies and what exercising it really means. In "Land mines and the power of the Word," you'll be invited to think more deeply about communicating from the heart, and how this approach can bring progressive change. "God is the only power" hits close to home for those of us who are connected with education—through our careers, our children, or as concerned citizens. "What's your backup?" shows how the author confronted violence in a junior high school, and points out the lessons both he and his students learned.

Land mines and the power of the Word
April 14, 1997

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