Realizing health

Health . How we value it! And when faced with sickness, how we desire to get health back! That can be done by realizing—making real to ourselves—the good that is already and eternally real to God. Sickness can be healed through understanding the power of God and the uninterrupted reality of His goodness.

God, divine Principle, is the only genuine source of being. All true conditions and qualities emanate from Him. There is no other source to conflict with the one true creator and thereby cause chaos. The health of His children is spiritual, not material. So it is not something that comes and goes. Nor is it a state in which we tenuously float, hoping it won't go away or be shattered by disease. Health is not a handout distributed unequally, so that some have it in abundance and others in gaunt scarcity. Nor can it be suddenly stolen. Also, it never depends on certain foods, material medicines, climate, or exercise.

Dear Sentinel
August 19, 1996

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