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I was struck by the juxtaposition of news stories on the radio that evening. It was August 31. I heard that the IRA had announced a cease-fire in Northern Ireland, and there was now a new hope for peace after so many years of violent confrontation in what had been known locally as "the Troubles." Boris Yeltsin was in Berlin for special ceremonies marking the final pullout of Russian troops from Germany. The newscast reported that, the following week, U.S., British, and French troops would also depart from Berlin. This would be the first time since the end of World War II that soldiers from these four powers would not be stationed in the formerly divided city. The same newscast, however, noted that now U.S. troops were arriving in Russia—for joint peacetime military exercises!

Sometimes the world seems a strange place. Yet Christian thinkers today, who want to understand their world and also to make a difference in it, keep alert to the major events of the day, to current social trends, and to where thought is heading as the close of the twentieth century fast approaches. Discriminating thinking, a spiritual perspective, and prayer are all vital to sorting out the difficult issues. They are essential to finding practical ways we can participate in solving today's problems and in bringing a measure of genuine healing to the world's trouble spots and its troubled hearts.

The evidence of Christ
November 28, 1994

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