Finding your place

The Christian Science Monitor

As I circled the interior of a large multistory car park, my ten-year-old daughter suddenly piped up with words from a song from the musical West Side Story: "There's a place for us,/ Somewhere a place for us." Within seconds a slot appeared and we drove into it! Now of course, it is very handy to find a parking space when you need one. But it isn't always so easy to find your place in life—especially when you're young. But you do have a place, and God will show you how to find it.

The Bible assures us in the book of Acts that, as children of God, it is "in him we live, and move, and have our being" (17:28). Each idea of God is always held in its right place—and that includes you and me. The spiritual fact is that each of us has a place to flourish and contribute, and this is provable in our everyday life.

Each individual is an important, in fact, essential part of God's creation. How can that be? You are the very outcome, or evidence, of His being. Just as without the sun's rays we wouldn't know there was a sun, and without the sun there would be no rays of light, so is each idea necessary to represent what God is, to show forth His qualities. As each of us acknowledges and lives the truth that man's being is spiritual, the reflection of God, we're able to see more clearly just the place God has for us to fill.

Letters to the PRESS—and other articles
September 6, 1993

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