Our permanent relationship to divine Love

"True love" is a subject that, at one time or another, we all have probably thought about. It is possible to spend quite a bit of time—a lifetime, even—looking for a way permanently to secure and feel a love that is "true." Through television, movies, and popular books and magazines, we are encouraged to look to another's personality (and even to someone's face, body, or wallet!) for permanent, fulfilling love. We may be led to believe that an object—a person—is required always to be present in order to provide affection and tenderness in our lives. Yet, looking away from personalities and physicality can actually help us discover where real love originates.

Instead of our trying to go out and marry a fulfilling sense of affection and completeness, it may be helpful to look first to God as the source of genuine companionship and love. The Bible says, in fact, that God is Love. The love that springs from divine Love is not a sentimental human passion, nor is it a sensual, matter-based emotion. It is a dependable, nurturing presence that has so much substance and spiritual power, it offers the very structure on which we can build our lives. God's love is permanent and unchanging, yet it is always new and fresh, since its nature is infinite.

Faculty, instructors, and students!
February 15, 1993

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