A teacher in a Christian Science Sunday School class once asked her students to tell her if they knew where God is. "Everywhere!" they responded together. The teacher asked if there is any place where God is absent, anywhere at all. "No!" they chimed. "But what if you were out in the middle of the ocean on an island completely alone? How would you know God was there?" asked the teacher. "Because I would be there," answered one little boy. ...

When you think about it, wasn't this child recognizing the fact that creation itself testifies to God's existence? As Mary Baker Eddy writes, "Man and the universe coexist with God in Science, and they reflect God and nothing else" (Message to The Mother Church for 1900). Since each of us actually represents the eternal evidence of God's being as His spiritual reflection, it would be impossible for our relationship to God ever to be severed, broken, or stopped. It's as permanent as God is—as divine Love is.

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