In the winters of our lives

Like the irrepressible spring, spiritual awakening always comes when we prepare and are ready for the sunlight of Truth.

Where I come from in Canada, winter means cold. Trees lose their leaves, lakes and rivers freeze over, snow blankets the ground. Outside, it can seem as though life has nearly stopped. There's no sign of growth, little color or movement, and especially on a gray day, you hear people wondering aloud, "Will spring ever come?"

Sometimes our lives can seem like that. Chilled, muffled, lifeless, no color or movement, no growth. Perhaps we feel we've been frozen into place in some unsatisfactory or downright negative situation with no progress in sight. Maybe a problem with our health or finances has persisted for a long time. Or maybe it's just a feeling of pervading gray, when it's hard to feel any joy or inspiration, and a springtime of the heart seems very far away.

Any pioneers in your church or community?
March 23, 1992

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