Prayer: watching and working

Discovering what prayer really is—and staying with it—actually changes us, and our lives.

The Bible admonishes us to "pray without ceasing." Without ceasing! To me that means continually, persistently. That may sound like more praying than we think we want to do. But steadfast prayer is rewarding and fulfilling.

Prayer should not be a strenuous activity of willing something to happen, nor is it pleading with a higher power for things to "go our way." Rather, prayer involves turning to God, omnipotent good, with a deep desire to let His will be done. It is forgetting self—that is, turning away from a fearful, self-centered sense of life apart from God—and acknowledging God as the Father and Mother of the universe, who loves and cares for man, whom He created in His image. Prayer is understanding God to be what the Bible says He is—Life, Truth, Love, Spirit. Prayer also involves seeing ourselves and others as the children of God. This requires us to lift our thought above the appearance of man as a mortal, full of imperfections, into the understanding of man's true, perfect identity as the spiritual expression of God.

January 20, 1992

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