The vigor of God's man

Original in Spanish

How pleasant was the aroma of new flowers in the atmosphere! The rays of the sun caressed the earth from the clear, clean September sky. The winter, now passed, was gradually giving way to the season when everything is renewed. It was spring in Argentina, and in order to join that explosion of life which was stirring the air, I decided to put the garden in order.

I needed to cultivate the soil, arrange the plants, and take out some undergrowth around the base of the old tree, which stood solemn and majestic at one end. "Old?" I asked myself. "Each year it is stronger and more beautiful." The profusion of bright shoots on its branches tells of its natural vigor. The birds sing happily on the secure support it offers them, joining in the symphony of earth's color and music.

Second Thought
September 30, 1991

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