The blessing of redemption

Is it possible to gain freedom from past events that now make us feel guilty and remorseful?

If past scenes come to thought, bringing with them blame or hurt, then redemption—with its release from suffering—is needed. Redemption includes complete forgiveness of other persons and of ourselves. And this takes really recognizing and understanding the man God made, as Christ Jesus did. This is our true nature as God's likeness.

In referring to the law of Life and Truth, the law of Christ, Mrs. Eddy says in her book No and Yes: "It does more than forgive the false sense named sin, for it pursues and punishes it, and will not let sin go until it is destroyed,—until nothing is left to be forgiven, to suffer, or to be punished." Past burdens are dissolved as this law "pursues and punishes" sin. As we allow the law of Christ to act in consciousness, mortal memories are rectified; then they cease to corrupt our present thinking and living. Good alone is seen to be present and real.

Do you have a "security blanket"?
September 30, 1991

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